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D’Andre L. Thompson (born March 6, 1991) better known by Hollywood Dre, is a American rapper from Birmingham, Alabama. As a child at the age of 12, Dre joined his middle school band and has been around music every since. By the age 18 Dre had notebooks and folders piled with lyrics. He never recorded before, until some of his close friends and another local acts showed him. Eventually Dre learned how to record and develop his own unique sound. His music abilities are steady growing, influenced by artist UGK, Outcast, Tupac and many others; his signature sound is "club base" music. Songs like "Jump", "Corrupted", and "Keep It Jumpin" are just a few to name that will have the dance floor and strip clubs moving.He has several mixtapes on music websites including datpiff, audiomack, livemixtapes etc and also his website www.e7official.com. Dre is currently on the road, working on live shows and in the studio gaining momentum from family, friends, and fans. He continues to perfect his craft precisely the way he always wanted, creating a full complete campaign that he feels will explain where he is today, been and where he’s going and one that is sure to win him the notoriety that is demanded.



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